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Ischebeck TITAN Preventer is used in conjunction with micro-piles in areas where water entry is a distinct possibility, for example in basement areas and underground car parks. By using the Preventer system, dewatering is often not required.

The Preventer valve system is connected to a compressor via an air line. The system is operated by opening and closing the rubber insert, by applying air pressure to inflate (close) or deflate (open) the rubber insert. When the rubber insert is in the closed position, it restricts the entry of the water, whilst pressing tight against the Micropile, allowing the installation and grouting to be completed.

The Preventer is fixed securely to the structure prior to commencing the installation. It is removed once the grout has completely cured, exposing the top of the Micropile ready for the head detail to be constructed.


The Drill Drain filter nail is a system that utilizes the TITAN 40/27 to inject a filter material with the optimum permeability coefficient, allowing slope dewatering. The control of slope seepage water reduces hydro-static pressure, whilst retaining the positive soil properties. The Drill Drain is installed upwards into the slope, drilling up to a meter into the water bearing strata. The system allows a reduction in pore water pressure whilst maintaining the soils properties.

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