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The Ischebeck Titan Megashore System is recognized as the leading product in its field by many professionals in the construction and Civil Engineering industries. Comprising two main components: legs and frames, together with a comprehensive range of accessories, the Ischebeck Titan Support System offers one of the quickest, most effective and versatile means of providing rapid support and access solutions in a wide variety of situations.


The Ischebeck Titan Megashore System can be used in both ‘flying table’ and erect and dismantle applications and is ideal for multi-story structures, water reservoirs and soffit situations where mobility and ease of handling are required. With the majority of components being manufactured from high grade aluminum to patented designs, the Ischebeck Titan support system possesses an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio which facilitates rapid erection, while its excellent corrosion resistance and robust build quality assure long term durability. It  is designed to reduce labor costs, increase site efficiency, improve safety and meet the demands of today’s construction and Civil Engineering techniques.

Megashore Benefits

  • Lightweight components can be easily handled by one man
  • Titan can be loaded up to 22 000 lbs per leg
  • 2.4m of Jack adjustment with Jacks top and bottom
  • Two components for fast, efficient erection and dismantling
  • No loose fittings
  • Rigid connection between Titan legs and frames self-aligns the system
  • Continuous vertical slots on the Titan legs allow Ledger Frames to be positioned at convenient working heights
  • One system suitable for erect and dismantle Falsework and large, rigid Flying Tables for versatility and economy
  • Modular components easily adapt to height and width variations
  • Accessories include Rocking Headplates, Guard Post Brackets, Access Platforms, Cantilever Frames and a full range of safety components.


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