Ischebeck Office



From forging blacksmith vices to an important manufacturer of construction systems.

At the beginning of the 20th century the smoke from the chimneys was clearly visible.

The Friedr. Ischebeck GmbH company located in Ennepetal, Germany, was founded in 1881 from Friedrich Ischebeck who started a tool factory and drop forging factory; the Ischebeck family has been operating their own foundry since 1912. 

Ischebeck Brothers

In 1936, Ischebeck started the development and manufacturing of Trench shoring for Trench Lining Systems; from this product they later developed today’s Steel and Alu-Lite Trench Lining Systems. 

Since 1950, at the Ennepetal facility, Ischebeck began the development and manufacturing of Steel Post Shores; this further resulted in logical program enhancements, among others, the development of aluminum shoring systems and components. 

In the 1980’s the Titan Injection Anchor was developed and patented. Since then, the threaded hollow bars have been used in the geotechnical field in different applications. They are used in special anchoring and restructuring of buildings, for new foundations and for rear anchorages and slope stabilization. The Friedr. Ischebeck GmbH is today one of world leaders in this Geotechnical technology. 

This Family owned Company is now under the Leadership in the fifth generation with the Managers of, Dipl. Wi.-Ing. Björn Ischebeck and his brother Dr. Lars Ischebeck. 

The Friedr. Ischebeck GmbH currently has, worldwide, 19 Ischebeck daughter Companies and is still expanding.


Quality based on tradition, since 1881. 

In 1998, Ischebeck introduced their shoring product lines to the USA market and since then they continually strive to develop a full dealer network. During these past years, Ischebeck has long been recognized as a major leader and supplier of engineered construction systems to address the USA marketplace; new and innovative product development is an ongoing program within the company. 

In 2009, Ischebeck USA Inc. was established and their office is now head quartered in Naples, Florida. 

We currently enjoy 7 hub locations in the US and also consignment stocks with our Dealers; We also have one location in Guam and one location in Hawaii. This results in freight costs and delivery times being kept to a minimum, further benefiting our dealers and ultimately our customers. 

In 2012 we formed Ischebeck Canada, with Headquarter in Vancouver BC. 

Long term plans for Ischebeck USA, over the next few years, calls for the development, training and expansion of more dealer locations in the US and other earmarked locations. 

Overall we have a significant rental fleet now available all over the US, with access to much more material through our mother manufacturing company in Germany and the Ischebeck companies around the globe. 


Ischebeck USA Inc.  provides engineering for layouts and dealer support, as well as providing support to project managers and jobsite supervisors. We also believe that it is a very important part of our business duty to enlighten and train American Engineers and Technicians, along with our dealers, to ensure that our customers are guaranteed the best support and jobsite service available. 

In 2018 the production of domestic hollow bars started in Summerdale / AL. The ground engineering products are available directly from us or from our dealers. 


Four PRINCIPLES that form the basis of our ACTIONS

Our aim is to supply the market with products in only the very best quality. From careful selection of the materials used to delivering the finished goods, our accredited manufacturing processes together with highly capable employees ensure high-quality, long-lasting products. We are always looking for new product solutions that ease the work of our customers, help them work more efficiently. The trust and satisfaction of our customers are important to us.

Ischebeck is a company that has grown over generations, is deeply rooted in local traditions and values attributes such as proficiency, reliability and sense of responsibility. With this strong foundation, we are always able to serve the needs of the global market. Our growing number of branches means we are represented all over the world. Local staff with knowledge of local markets enable us to offer our customers in those markets solutions to suit their needs and professional assistance for their construction projects.

Our highly qualified, dedicated employees are our most important asset. It is their specialized knowledge, dependability and motivation that enable us to function as a strong partner in the market. We therefore invest in ongoing training measures for our staff. In addition, we provide a working environment that promotes satisfaction and secure, constructive, creative work. The fact that our employees stay with us for longer than average speaks for itself.

As an old-established family business, we are aware of our responsibility towards people and the environment.  We invest in securing jobs and are involved in social projects.

We have active participation and contribution on various international and local organizations to solve the world's most complex challenges particularly in Civil Engineering and Geotechnical field.